Our Custom Design Process

We’ve honed a comprehensive custom design process over many years, ensuring the creation of your home will be efficient, enjoyable, and stress-free. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Typically, the process begins with a visit to our head office. There you’ll meet our friendly sales team, who are equipped with years of industry experience encompassing design, real estate, and construction to help you to plan your custom design.
  2. Next, you’ll meet for a free consultation to clarify the following:
    • Your budget, to ensure your design is financially viable
    • Who you are (e.g. a first home owner, family, investor, or retiree) and how you want to live in your home to suit your lifestyle
    • The aspects of your home site, ensuring we maximize sunlight and passive airflow for ultimate energy efficiency
    • Images or plans that you’ve gathered as inspiration, plus any wish list items
  3. With a thorough understanding of your objectives and constraints, we then move to the design phase. If you have a layout already in mind, we’ll take your ideas and use these to draft up a custom plan. If not, we’ll suggest layouts you might be interested in based on our initial discussion. We’ll also add in any specific features from your wish list.
  4. From there, we take a collaborative approach as we tweak the initial design. This involves listening thoroughly to your feedback, and getting our whole design team involved – leveraging their experience to design the perfect home for you and your site. Every phase of the design process is overseen by our team of specialist consultants, giving you peace of mind that nothing will be overlooked.
  5. After a couple of meetings and plan revisions, you’ll have the custom design of your dreams and we’ll be ready to build!



What sets Killarney custom homes apart?

As the leading designer of energy efficient homes for the tropics, we understand how to meet and exceed the needs of modern living in the Top End. We focus on your needs first and foremost, with a particular emphasis on the following important factors:

  • Flexible Space: Our custom homes are designed to accommodate changing household needs over time, with rooms suitable for multiple uses and adaptable design features built in at the time of construction (e.g. reinforced bathroom walls that will support grab rails down the track).
  • Open Plan Living: The most enduring and popular design trend in new homes, our designs offer the best in open plan living whilst mitigating the associated challenges like delineating different areas and managing the energy efficiency of big spaces.
  • Light: Our designs leverage natural light for maximum energy efficiency, and an increased feeling of wellbeing. We offer a great range of attractive, energy efficient windows and doors.
  • Storage: Nobody likes a cluttered house! Our designs incorporate multiple, built-in storage options throughout, ensuring your home will be easy to keep clean and tidy.
  • Cutting-edge Kitchens: In light of today’s open plan layouts, our kitchen details and finishes are designed with careful attention to surrounding areas. You’ll enjoy a well-appointed, organised workspace, separate eating areas, and great natural and built-in lighting.
  • Purpose-built Bathrooms: Functional and well-drying, our bathrooms are designed especially for the tropics.

Ultimately, our custom design process delivers a win-win result. Not only will you get a design that perfectly complements your unique lifestyle, it will also be considerate of the environment and your back pocket. Once you’re 100% happy with your design, we’ll bring it to life with the highest-quality products and the best tradespeople in town.

Ready to get started? We’d love to hear from you. 





Design the custom home of your dreams

Many people come to us with a very specific vision for their home already in mind. Others want the help of an experienced designer to create a home uniquely designed to complement their lifestyle and personality. Either way, our custom design process gives you the creative freedom and expertise required to create the home of your dreams.

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