Questions about construction are common amongst customers, which given its complexity, is quite natural. Below are a couple of the more common questions we have been asked over the years. If you would like to know more, please contact the Sales and Display Team

Why is Greensmart important?

Greensmart Homes deliver better results for everyone and its not as simple as looking at simply important areas such as insulation, air flow and reducing waste. It is also concepts such as natural surveillance, ease of extension and reducing the energy bill while making the home more comfortable. Having won the 2014 Australian Greensmart Spec Home of the Year and runner up for the 2014 Australian Greensmart Display Home of the Year, our qualified staff can talk to you about all options for Greensmart, or you can learn more at Its the way of the future and the way forward at Killarney Homes. 

How about materials in the houses?

Different materials have massive effects on the acoustics, cooling, air flow, strength, integrity and perspectives of area in a home. Across all three display homes, we can show a variety of options in terms of insulation, wall types, both external and internal, different roof forms and how we best use the tropical value of the home depending on each homes setting. 

It seems that older properties are cheaper than the new ones in developing suburbs - shouldn't I be buying these rather than new homes?

Most people prefer to live in a brand new home. The reason some new properties may seem more expensive is that they offer a higher quality of living, the latest in construction methods, building design, facilities, technology and amenities. Ever increasing land and building costs means each new project usually costs more than the last one.

The full tax benefits are only available on new projects, not older projects.

In addition, by purchasing a house and land package from Killarney Homes, you can save thousands on Government Stamp Duty, and further you may save on legal costs and bank fees.

Not to be overlooked also, is that an older property does not usually come with the same warranties and guarantees, and will need upkeep or renovation before a new one. All of these calculations need to be taken into consideration.

As a home owner, you need to think about what it is you may want out of your home and consider that a new home provides an open slate to influence the design and end up with the house you truly want rather than a compromise of what is on offer.

As an investor, you need to look at what tenants are demanding, such as open plan living, cool, energy efficient homes, and the level of community most newer areas provide. 

Explain what advantages exist with regard Stamp Duty and construction?

Stamp Duty is a Territory Government tax on the transfer of property and is charged in all Australian States.

In the Northern Territory, the simple rule applies, that if you purchase an established property, full stamp duty is payable on the total purchase price of the property. If you purchase a house and land package as a construction, you only pay Stamp Duty on the value of what physically exists at the time of purchase “ad valorem”, i.e. if construction has not commenced, you pay substantially less Stamp Duty. This saving is usually between A$10,000 and A$20,000.

Stamp Duty payable is calculated proportionately on the level of construction completed at time of purchase. Therefore if you purchase halfway through construction you will still receive roughly half the maximum saving. The earlier you buy the less Stamp Duty you pay and the more you save. 

Can the contracted sale price be varied by Killarney Homes?

No, when you build with Killarney Homes and once the contract of sale is signed, the contracted sale price cannot be varied by Killarney Homes and is fixed for the duration of the contract. The only variables in the contract would be a variation requested by law, or in the event of latent conditions, the latter which concerns the site we inherit when we build your home and not the construction of the home directly. This can usually be easily assessed and estimated prior to contract. There are no escalation clauses.

However, should you wish to add to your home during construction, you may request a variation. 

Do you build only on your land? Do you build on my block?

It would be ideal for all customers to choose the lot they love, and then come to us with their block and a vision for their house. In the current market, this is difficult for customers to achieve. Fortunately, we do offer House and Land packages with blocks we have chosen through a rigorous assessment process, to ensure that the blocks we have on offer are the very best on the market. You are welcome to choose any of our lots, and pair them to any of our designs. 

Can I buy a pre-built or half-built home from Killarney Homes?

Killarney Homes currently offers construction with vacant land to completion. We prefer to build houses in this method as it is consistent in our belief of matching houses to customers. There are also stamp duty advantages for the customer, as discussed earlier. 

Where do you build houses?

We build houses in Darwin, Palmerston, and Litchfield Shire. Most houses are built in Palmerston and in the new area of Muirhead in the Northern Suburbs as the new suburbs are being developed more aggressively there. More recently, Coolalinga is now in the mix. Our designs vary also depending on the where you are looking to build, rural or in town, as they both have special features we attempt to make the best use of.

If you were interested in areas outside of these, we do have a capability for remote work. 

Do you build Duplexes, Units and Townhouses?

In short, yes! As Licensed Building Practitioners, were are able to carry out these works also and have a large portfolio available on request. Contact our sales representative directly if you wish to discuss your ideas for development further. 

We also build light and medium commercial and have a portfolio of past projects also available for viewing.

Do you build pools?

We offer pools as part of our range of options in your house and they are in around 50% of our homes. Most of our designs are designed with pools in mind so the living areas inside, outside and poolside are integrated. There is a portfolio of pools at the display home available for viewing.